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  • He was very knowledgable about everything and gladly answered all my questions.

    Thank u! Thank u! I have a long brick planter on my patio which needed to have large tree roots removed - the result of a tree planted by the Townhome owner in back of me. I had gotten a lot of estimates from companies who came out to look at it. Most seemed uninterested in doing the job. Then I called Kathy's Landscaping and made an appointment with Ramiro. I was presently surprised at how he listened to me explain the problem and wanted to give me an estimate. He was very knowledgable about everything and gladly answered all my questions. I was so glad they could do all of the other things I wanted. He is very personable as we're all the workers. They came on time, did everything Ramirio told me they would do, and left the space spotless. Some of the pavers had to be dug up because a root was pushing them up. I am so pleased. They chopped all the roots out, dug up the pavers, replaced the pavers, replaced the main component of my Sprinkler because it leaked, replaced the sprinkler heads, and planted Rosemary in the front of the planter with different colored African daisies behind. It looks wonderful. I can't wait til the blooms have fully opened. He is the first person I will call if I need anything else done on my patio. Great job.

    Jan 19, 2017
  • A special thanks to you Ramiro, and the Brothers Manny and Beto

    A special thanks to you Ramiro, and the Brothers Manny and Beto, for all your and their hard work in 2015 and conscientiousness. Manny and Beto take such good care of the Ranch, with personal pride, and they are pretty much self-sufficient in knowing what to do and how to do it. The Ranch is looking more and more elegant and professional with each passing month. Thank you also for the warm and cheerful way you always answer the phone, Ramiro, no matter how challenging your day might be.

    Jan 8, 2016
  • Ramiro and his team are amazing - he listens, he communicates extremely well, and his follow through is outstanding.

    My wife and I bought our first house in Valencia a few months ago, and it has a decent sized lot - about 13k sq-ft. The local gardener we initially hired apparently underestimated the work, because weeds and watering issues quickly arose. After a few months, the yard started looking terrible so I yelped other local landscapers. Although Kathy's only had 3 reviews at the time, they were very good, so I decided to call them up for a free estimate. I called the number listed on Yelp on a Friday afternoon. Ramiro answered and we set up an appointment on the following Monday evening. On Monday, Ramiro showed up on time and we proceeded to walk the property. First up was the basics - initial clean up and weekly maintenance (Mow, Blow, weeds, etc..). He gave me a fair quote based on the size of our lot - it was more than our previous gardener, but in all fairness, it needed to be because of the amount of work that had to be done to keep our yard maintained. What set Ramiro apart though, was his interest in our property. As he walked around, he pointed out several things that I had never noticed or thought of (granted we are first time home owners). He knew every kind of tree and plant on our property, and could see right away which areas needed the most attention. After we got the quotes for cleanup/maintenance, my wife and I wanted to inquire about doing some design changes in the yard - mainly changing the location of two of the walls, and pouring some concrete in some areas. Ramiro was very attentive as I talked through the ideas and he started measuring the areas. He was able to give us a ball park estimate, and said that he and his team were capable of doing the things we were thinking about. All said and done, Ramiro spent about an hour giving us the estimates. on Wednesday, two days later, I fired my old gardener, and called Ramiro to set up the cleanup and weekly maintenance. He said he would be able to drop his guys that Saturday. Saturday came, and his guys were there around 7:30AM and left at some point in the early afternoon. When I got home later, I walked our property and everything was done that Ramiro promised. Ramiro called me around 5 pm and asked if he could stop by to review the work his team did - he arrived about 30 minutes later. Ramiro said that his guys noticed that there may be a leak in the underground watering system, and he showed me how to manually turn it off and on to check. Sure enough, there was a pretty bad leak in one of the hoses in the back yard, and someone had apparently turned the timer to the back off completely before we moved in. This was causing our backyard plants and tree to dry up and wilt (I was going back there with the hose a few times a week, but that wasn't working too well). Ramiro said that he could come by on Monday to fix the leak and turn it back on. Assuming he lives up to that promise (which I have no doubt he will), then Kathy's easily gets 5 stars. Ramiro and his team are amazing - he listens, he communicates extremely well, and his follow through is outstanding. He's also extremely knowledgeable and seems genuinely interested in landscaping. If you are looking for someone to take great care of your yard, regardless of the job, then you should definitely give Kathy's a try.

    Mar 16, 2015
  • I'm usually hard to please and they did an excellent job!

    Probably as good as it gets. I had called Kathy's for some front yard landscaping, creating brick path in front and side of house along with a sprinkler install. Ramiro and his crew came over and did an excellent job. I've received complements from neighbors plus everybody here. He did a through job, was very nice, and the cost was reasonable based upon a job that was not easy. Would highly recommend. I'm usually hard to please, and was not the least disappointed with the work done. Excellent job.

    Jan 15, 2015
  • Spectacular work and reasonable prices!

    Their work is spectacular, prices are reasonable, and the employees and owner are incredible people!

    Jan 15, 2015
  • I highly recommend Kathy's Landscaping!

    Ramiro was our gardener for more than 10 years until we moved out of the area. We found him through the previous homeowner. During that time, he was prompt about sprinkler repairs when the dogs ate them, and we had the most beautiful front yard in the neighborhood- the grass was perfect and lush. When I got sick, Ramiro was terrific about making sure I didn't have any work to do in the yard, and went the extra mile. His workers were respectful, on time, and did great work. They NEVER left the gate open for our dogs to escape- EVER. I highly recommend him!

    Jan 15, 2015

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